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Experienced coaching with over 20 years helping people, unlocking their career path, relationship guidance and realistic goal setting.

  • Break the inertia.
  • Discover yourself.
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Working Together.

We build strength and resilience, to enhance confidence, gain clarity and freedom from negative habits.

We believe in you, the client, and are committed to working in an ethical manner, sharing your journey to new possibilities.

Face to face sessions take place in a dedicated, detached office.

This space offers a calm and safe environment to explore issues and ideas.

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Mental Well-Being

Helping you overcome procrastination, build your confidence and self esteem.
Develop positive patterns of thought and provide you with tools so you can be free from self doubt and negative patterns of behaviour.

Physical Well-Being

We will talk about your goals and what you’d like to achieve to help you feel happy in your own skin, we’ll discuss general physical fitness and health. Together we'll discover what a strong personal image means to you and how you can achieve it to enable personal and professional success.


Building an understanding of why a relationship may challenge you, encourage empathic resolutions to conflict. This can be with a spouse, children, extended family, friendship or business colleagues, including your boss! Together we can create a roadmap to encourage a future with healthy and fulfilling relationships for you.


Looking at why a habit or addiction exists within you and working our way through a process to free you and encourage new, positive habits. We will delve into self sabotaging actions or beliefs and reset those, so old habits are no longer holding you back. This will build a stronger, happier you.


Working alongside menopausal women, demystifying the process our bodies go through and offering support and understanding. Together we can create a toolkit unique to you and your individual needs to ease your journey through menopause.
This is not purely for women, I can discuss with men the challenges they face either with a spouse or partner going through the menopause. Also men who are discovering life is offering different challenges as they reach middle age.


What is happiness? What is success? How will you know when you’ve found it?
These sessions are offered to those who may have lost their way or have realised that actually what they do day to day is no longer satisfying or making them happy. Together we will discover what truly makes you happy and how you can achieve balance and harmony in your life.


What others say

David G

I approached FitMind Coaching after a recommendation. My family had recently gone through a lengthy period of great stress surrounding serious illness. From our first meeting, Jayne listened to my challenges, helping me focus on specific issues with empathy and a kindness which in turn, encouraged discussion and openness. She helped me to form strategies and techniques that helped hugely in overcoming the legacies of that period.


I met Jayne of FitMind Coaching whilst we were training together. We worked and studied together for over 2 years; I learnt a great many invaluable lessons from Jayne. Her natural abilities, her insight and understanding served to highlight her as an outstanding and diligent professional. I would recommend her to anybody seeking help and ideas to build resilience.

Vanessa G

I worked with FitMind Coaching at a time when I had low self esteem, believing those around me to be better than me and not really feeling worthy of friendships. I lost a family member and three close friends, these things really hit me hard. Jayne listened, encouraged me to discover the obstacles and then worked with me to build myself up and move forward in a positive way. I have monthly review sessions, this helps me keep on track and head off any unwanted thoughts.


I would consider myself very lucky to know someone that may have helped me with one or two things in my life which had an effect on my mental health or physical well being, but to know someone for more than 30 years who has always been there for me for a multitude of reasons makes me exceptionally lucky.


Jayne at FitMind Coaching has helped me enormously. She listens attentive, asks probing questions and helps me to look at situations differently. Jayne isn’t afraid to challenge me, positively encouraging me to remove unnecessary complexities and provide tools and solutions when “I can’t see the wood from the trees.” In tough times Jayne is reliable and motivating, she remains calm and keeps me grounded. I trust Jayne and the tools and advice she has consistently given me.


A few years ago a very dear friend of mine passed away suddenly and I was struggling to process my emotions, resulting in a negative cycle of self sabotage, denial and refusal to confront any of my emotions or destructive behaviours. Jayne was incredibly patient and compassionate, allowing me to lead our conversations, never forcing me to confront anything I felt I wasn't ready to face but at the same time had the ability to proactively and constructively challenge my behaviours and thought patterns. I cannot recommend Jayne highly enough, for her empathy and ability to put you at ease whilst challenging negative perceptions that will influence your way of thinking and view of yourself, in the most positive of ways.