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  • Discuss.
  • Plan
  • Implement.

As an experienced coach, I’ve spent over 20 years working with people, boosting careers, relationship guidance, realistic goal setting and achievement, and enabling clients to attain a healthier lifestyle with greater self appreciation and love. I work with people of all ages, including teenagers, who, in this life are really struggling in many ways.
My most recent qualification is as a ‘Breath Coach.’ Yes, breathing, something we all do, but few of us understand the power of this vital life force. Why a coach? Many professionals at the top of their careers have coaches working alongside them. Sports stars, media people and high level professionals, some of the most successful people will have had coaching of some description along their journey to success.
My clients find me empathic, perceptive, with the ability to build a good understanding of their individual challenges and requirements. We have some fun along the way, because, let’s face it, life can be too serious!
I’m married with 2 children. I read fact and fiction, I enjoy a book that I can immerse myself in. I'm a lover of the outside, walking in all weather, especially across muddy fields, in the rain! As I age I’m more health conscious and research beneficial activities to keep me well in body and mind, that said, I do enjoy a glass of wine (or two), sharing laughs with friends and family.
Investing in yourself is rewarding, transformational and has the potential to alter deep set beliefs to change how you live, alter your life path and allow you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself. For each client I provide each support, understanding, and a toolkit, so they can achieve their potential.
People fascinate me, we are a race of truly remarkable beings, our compassion for one another inspires me. Assisting clients to build their resilience and realise their dreams is what drives me. It is the people I meet, coach and help thrive that motivate me.


We start with a brief initial discussion that leads into a plan of discussions and reviews focussed on you.

Free Initial discussion

The start of our journey together. This is usually a 15 minutes telephone call or video chat.
During the first session we will establish our coaching agreement, this is unique to each client as it’s very much based on your individual challenges, goals and aspirations.

  • Start relationship.
  • Establish how we can work together.
  • Create an outline plan to achieve goals.
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Hourly Consultation

This is how we deliver success
We work collaboratively, keeping the focus on you. We start with where you are today and work towards your future self.
We empower you with tools and exercises that will encourage new neuro pathways, encouraging positive habits.
We break the old beliefs by challenging ideas and assumptions.
By working together we will learn about what works for you, there are multiple approaches, there will be one for you!
We will regularly review your progress making sure you’re comfortable and secure with the subjects we are covering.
You are in control of every session.

  • Be ready to change.
  • Be ready to challenge your old habits.
  • Be ready to work towards your goals.
  • Be ready to succeed.
  • Be ready to embark on an exciting journey.
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  • Life coaching Diploma
  • CPCAB Certificate Level 2 and Level 3
  • Experienced Business and Performance Coaching
  • SMART and GROW coaching practitioner

Counselling 100%
Motivation 100%
Understanding 100%